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- What is paintball?

- How is paintball played?

- What is paintball played with?

- Where is paintball played?

- Who plays paintball?

- Paintball history

What is paintball?

fotoPaintball is a new fast growing adrenalin sport where physical condition and strength are not as important as an ability to think and decide quickly. Paintball is a team game so communication, teamwork and right tactics are keys to a success.

Paintball of today is devided to two main branches. The first one is mostly played in a relaxed way and nature (wood, buildings, etc.). This kind of paintball looks like a flying squad training where a concealment and well plotted tactics are main advantages of every player. The second one is mainly a sport which is played at all levels (from avocational to professional) on special fields made from inflatable barriers. Players´ equipment and coordination are decisive! If you are interested in this kind of paintball you can check out the amazing video here.

Paintball is full of a suspense, an adventure and an arousal. But first of all it is a great fun!

How is paintball played?

fotoAlthough many of variants exist mostly two teams fight against each other and their job is to take an enemy´s flag, save own one and eliminate as many opponents as possible at the same time. The player who is hit by a paint ball leaving a clear color, is out (a fair play is not only a basic condition but a personal credit of each player). Eliminated players leaving the field are not allowed to give any signals or tips to their team-mates who are still in the game.

If taking the flag is not enough you can play scenario games such as a conquering of buildings, hostages´ rescue or bombs´ deactivating. But the primary target is always the same - defeat the enemy.

The way of the game is also markedly ruled by numbers of players. Paintball can play both 6 and 60 players with the exception of big games where hundreds of players can take part. This number is limited only by the field´s area and segmentation. Each game takes about 20 minutes but it always depends on the specific game.

Games are usually supervised by marshals who check disputable hits and become involved when rules are not kept.

What is paintball played with?

fotoPlayers use special paintball markers which work with CO2 or compressed air and shoot gelatine balls filled with color. Markers are able to shoot 50 metres far away (depands on the type of a marker) and the maximum allowed speed of a fired paint ball is about 90m/s (300 fps) but can be faster.

fotoThere are many types of markers which differ not only in a visual aspect but mainly in a speed or a way of charging. Low-end markers work with small 12g CO2 cartridges and 10 balls in a loader when players are forced to reload after each fire. On the other side there are top electro-pneu markers which are able to fire faster than 31 balls per second and are very accurate. Don´t you trust? Check it out here. Due to that they must have very fast 200rnd loaders and big high pressure tanks instead of cartridges.

fotoNo less significant and probably the most important item of a player´s protective equipment, are the paintball goggles, providing protection for the whole face. It would be an absolute gamble to play without them and visiting of an ophthalmologist would be just a question of time.

There are further equipment the player need such as paintball gloves, neck protector, proper clothing (mostly camouflaged) and solid ankle-length boot preferably.

Where is paintball played?

fotoPaintball field can be nature (outdoor) or artificial (indoor) but it should be always jagged enough to serve players best conditions for hiding along with moving. Players can use various pure shelters such as roughness terrain, trees, buildings or simulated barriers such as pallets, boxes or tyres. The most popular fields are usually placed in past military areas or buildings.

fotoWhen a natural place is not suitable enough, a special paintball field comes in handy. This field is set up with many inflatable obstacles which are made in different shapes and sizes. There is a safety netting round the whole field so spectators can watch the game immediately. The field itself appears like a tennis court by its size.

Everyone can turn up new game´s chances without becoming sameness if the field is well made.

Who plays paintball?

Milions of people from all over the world play it. No matter who they are, how old they are, what lifestyle or rank they are from. Everyone can enjoy and play what prefers (from fast and dynamic attacks to sniper´s campaigns).

All of them have just one thing in common - competitive spirit and feeling like experiencing an adventure.

What about you?

Paintball history

fotoFirst germs of paintball were born in Australia ten´s years ago when shepherds started to use air guns shot balls filled with nonwashable color to marker big flocks of sheeps easy and quickly. From that time this news was brought to America where probably first gunfights among cowboys, first paintball players, were played.

Paintball found its first practical use in the army of course. After solving basal problems with paintball lot production, development of eye protection and adapting the working tool to the weapon, paintball was integrated to the detachment training as a realistic gun fight simulation.

After expanding to military bases and training centres paintball came back to a civil life again but this time as a discipline, not a war.

Since 1981 when the first official tournament took place in New Hampshire (USA) paintball was spread to America, Canada, Australia, West Europe, Japan and many other countries. In 1992 paintball was brought to Czech Rebublic thanks to Mr. Boris Brown who established the first public paintball field.

Paintball has in essence a similar history to many other disciplines which were part of the basic training such as judo or fencing at one time. The same as these sports also paintball moved away its original form on Australian pastures and joined the rest team sports.

However extreme excitement and really attractive experiences are kept up to now.


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